• Honeycomb activated carbon

    四柱彩票平台This product uses coconut-based, coal一based and wood一based activated carbon powder as raw material.……

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  • Coconut-based Activated carbon

    四柱彩票平台This product uses Indonesia import coconut shell as raw material……

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  • Wood-based Activated carbon

    This product uses high quality wood as raw material,the shape is powder. It is refined by a variety of methods……

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  • Coal-based Activated Carbon

    This product is made from high-quality anthracite as raw materials, having different shapes such as columnar……

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  • The assets hold by the Group

    Foshan Hanyan 、Woyede Environmental、Xiamen Wanjing
    Tanke Environmental、Suzhou Hanyan 、 Ranyi Biotechnology……

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  • Technology innovation and R&D

    Company has established professional research laboratories, which is responsible for the detection and study of activated carbon products……

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  • ERP Management System

    The company has perfect south China, north China, central China, southeast, northeast and other regions of the main capital and major.…

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  • Product traceability system

    Provide free samples
    四柱彩票平台 Provide free information consulting and technical guidance …

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